I use a wet collodion process. Collodion is a syrupy solution of cellulose nitrate in ether and alcohol. In my process, the wet collodion is applied to a thin aluminum plate and then covered in silver nitrate. The plate must then be loaded into a film holder and placed in my camera for exposure. After exposed I then pour a developing solution over the exposed plate in a dark room. After developing the plate is now safe for the light and will have a negative of your portrait. It will then be placed in a fixing solution and your beautiful portrait will appear!

What is a Tintype Portrait?

Do I need an appointment?

Yes you do. You can just click the link below!!

Our studio is located in Old Town Scottsdale. Right in-between Goldwater Brewery and Brat Haus!

Where are you located?

How much does a tintype portrait cost?

A 4x5 tintype portrait is $80 dollars and for a extra $20 you can add another person! You will receive a varnished 4x5 photograph and a Hi Resolution digital file sent to your email.

How long will my tintype portrait take?

It takes about 15 minutes to take your portraits and about 35-45 for processing.

Of course you can! we love fury friends, if your pet can sit and stay fairly still we can photography them as well!

Can I bring my pet?

Due to our studio size we can photograph up to 2 people

How many people can be photographed at once?

yes we do, though we love the look and feel of a tintype portrait, we can also shoot digital if you prefer a modern vibe!

Do we also shoot digital?